Music on Instagram
Music is a powerful tool to build community. We want to encourage musical expression on our platforms while also ensuring that we uphold our agreements with rights holders. Based on these agreements, which are designed to protect artists, songwriters, and their works, many accounts have access to our licensed music library, but certain business accounts or types of posts do not. This is because our agreements with rights holders are intended to enable personal, non-commercial uses of music. For those accounts that do not have access to our licensed music library, we have provided them with access to Facebook’s Sound Collection.
Sound Collection provides access to over 9,000 songs and sounds which are entirely royalty free and safe to use in Reels and Instagram Stories, including for commercial purposes (such as an ad). You can find this music library by swiping up and selecting the music sticker in Stories, or by tapping the audio icon in the Reels camera.
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