Being Your Authentic Self on Instagram
We understand things like changing your name can be a challenging process for transgender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer and non-binary people. You can use your preferred name to update your information (example: your bio, personal account and payment info) and update your gender identity on Instagram. Please note that updating your name in some places on Instagram may require you to submit one or more documents with your preferred name.
Names, gender identity and personal pronouns aren't required on Instagram, but if you add them to your account, note that:
  • When Instagram contacts you, we'll only refer to you by your username. On Instagram, your account will appear as your username and the name you put in your profile bio, if you choose to add one.
  • If you add pronouns to your profile, your pronoun data won’t be used to refer to you elsewhere on Instagram. Pronouns are not an option made available to advertisers in ads tools.
  • You can, but aren’t required to, add or update your gender identity in account settings.
  • If you connect your Instagram account to a third-party app or website, the app or website may ask if you want to share your name.
For more information about changing your name and gender on government IDs in your state or country, visit the National Center for Transgender Equality.
Verifying your identity
You may be asked to upload documents with your name to start or continue using some features on Instagram. You can upload a government ID or something else from our ID list (example: mail, membership card) that shows your legal or preferred name.
Updating your profile information
You can update your name, username and the pronouns that appear on your Instagram profile. If you have a verified account, you may need to provide a government ID or something else from our ID list (example: mail, membership card) that matches the name associated with your verified account.
Once your account is verified, you may not change the username on your account, and verification cannot be transferred to a different account. You’ll need to reapply to have a different account verified and will get a notification about the decision once your application is reviewed.
Staying safe on Instagram
If you’re experiencing bullying or harassment on Instagram, you can take steps to stop seeing unwanted comments and messages and report offensive content. You can:
Meta Pay
If you’ve connected Meta Pay on Instagram to your Facebook account, you’ll need to update your payment information on Facebook.
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