How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile?
To request a verified badge, you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements.
To request a verified badge:
Instagram app for Android and iPhone and Instagram Lite app for Android
  1. Make sure you're logged in to the account you're requesting a verified badge for.
  2. Tap profile or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  3. Tap more options in the top right, then tap settingsSettings.
  4. Tap Account, then tap Request verification.
  5. Enter your full name and provide the required form of identification (example: government-issued photo ID or official business documents).
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions, then tap Submit.
Keep in mind:
  • Even if your account is eligible for verification, submitting a request doesn't guarantee that your account will be verified.
  • Submitting multiple verified badge requests doesn’t guarantee that your account will be verified and applying for a verified badge multiple times before receiving a decision will cancel your application.
  • Once verified, you may not change the username on your account, and verification cannot be transferred to a different account.
  • Verifying your account on Instagram will not verify your account on Facebook. Visit the Facebook Help Center to learn how to verify your Facebook account.
  • If you receive a verified badge using false or misleading information during the verification process, we will remove your verified badge and may take additional action to disable your account.
Learn what happens after you apply for verification.
If your account is verified by Instagram, you may want to enable additional security tools like two-factor authentication. Learn about other security tips on Instagram.
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