Run Instagram Shopping Ads

Instagram Shopping lets businesses tag products directly in their posts to make it easier for people to discover and engage with products. Advertisers can now use Shopping posts as ads for campaigns created in Ads Manager. Shoppers that tap on these ads will be taken to a product description page within Instagram and can proceed to purchase from your business’ mobile site.

When you run a Shopping post as an ad, the ad will show the products that were originally tagged in the organic media.

Before you begin

  • Choose an existing Shopping post to run as your ad creative. OR
  • Create an organic Shopping post in the Instagram app by tagging products from your catalog.
  • You can use a single image post or carousel for your Shopping Ads.

Run an Instagram Shopping Ad

To run an Instagram Shopping ad:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Select +Create
  3. Choose an objective (brand awareness, reach, post engagement, link clicks, conversions are available for this format).
  4. Select an audience.
  5. Select Edit Placements and select Instagram Feed and/or Instagram Explore as the placement.
    • You can also select Automatic Placements, in which case your ad will run as a Shopping ad on Instagram Feed and Instagram Explore and as a single-media ad on all other placements.
  6. At the ad level, select Use Existing Post.
  7. Choose the Shopping post you’d like to run as an ad.
  8. Finish the details for your ad and select Continue.

You’ve now set up an Instagram Shopping ad. You can track the performance of your campaign the same way you’d measure other campaigns.

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