I can't share posts to Tumblr.

If you run into issues sharing Instagram posts to Tumblr, try sharing the photo again by tapping (iPhone) or(Android) above your post and selecting Tumblr.

If this doesn't work, try unlinking and relinking your Instagram and Tumblr accounts:

  1. Tap to go to your profile.
  2. Tap on Android or on iPhone to open up your settings.
  3. Tap Share Settings > Tumblr > Unlink. Tap Tumblr again and then re-enter your Tumblr login info.

Wait a few minutes, and then try to share your post to Tumblr again. Since we don't have any control over connectivity problems in Tumblr's API, please get in touch with Tumblr's support team if you're still unable to log in. They can be reached at support@tumblr.com.

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