About user-generated content for Instagram Shopping
With Instagram Shopping, your brand can showcase your products across a variety of surfaces. UGC is a feature that allows businesses to associate content that they've been tagged in with specific products, and feature this across shopping surfaces like, product pages, shops and shops storefront. UGC brings authentic lifestyle imagery created by the community into the shopping experience, helping people feel confident in making their purchase.
Benefits of UGC
  • Source authentic content for your products. Brands will be able to source content across the Instagram community. When a user tags a brand in a post that brand will have the ability to request permission to feature their products in that post.
  • Engage your community. Users that tag your business will likely appreciate that your brand would like to feature its products in their content. It will also allow their content to surface on brand-owned spaces, such as the product’s PDP or your Instagram Shop.
  • Help buyers make informed purchase decisions. Buyers like to discover products from other users and make informed purchase decisions. UGC lets buyers discover your products from other users and see how people are using your products.
How UGC works
  • Select an eligible post. Most posts are eligible for brands to request with the following exceptions: if a post already has products tagged, the account is private, there are multiple brands and businesses tagged in the post or the user has specifically turned off permission requests.
  • Request permission. Once a brand has selected a post, they can use the UGC feature to allow the content creator to accept or decline their request. Only the brand tagged in the post will be eligible to request permissions to use on Instagram Shopping surfaces.
  • Content creator accepts or declines. If the original content creator declines the request, then brands will receive a notification and the post will not appear on any Instagram shopping surfaces. Posts that have declined permissions are not eligible to be requested again.
  • UGC is shared on shoppable surfaces. UGC may be shown on product pages such as in the "From the Community" module on the product page, and across shops surfaces that feature photos and videos that have a specific brand tagged.
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