About Previews for Promotions from Instagram

You can run ads directly from the Instagram app by promoting your posts and stories. When you promote your Instagram content, you’ll be guided through steps to turn it into an ad for all available Instagram placements. In the final step, you can see how your ad will appear to your audience by tapping Preview Promotion under “Review.” You then have the option to preview your ad in different Instagram placements, including Feed, Stories and Explore.

In some cases, your actual ad may look different than the preview. Instagram may automatically optimize your ad for better performance. Some possible preview differences include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing how the text appears in an ad to better suit the viewer’s device.
  • Cropping an image or video automatically so it fits the fullscreen vertical format of Instagram Stories ads.
  • Adding cards to your story with additional information about your ad. For example, we may include a snapshot of your Instagram profile to provide more information to viewers about your business or brand.
  • Varying the template used to display media in fullscreen vertical ads for Instagram Stories. For example, we may make formatting changes, rearrange creative elements such as text and images, change background colors, or add motion to still images.

If you would prefer to run ads on Instagram without Instagram’s automatic optimization, you can use Ads Manager to see more options for adjusting your Instagram ads. With Ads Manager, you can create and manage ads, as well as track ad campaign performance across several different platforms, including Instagram.

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