About Bonuses on Instagram
This feature is only available for business and creator accounts on Instagram.
This product or feature may not be available to you yet.
Bonuses are opportunities for you to earn money directly from Instagram. If you qualify to earn a bonus, you’ll be notified in the Instagram App to onboard and enable bonus payouts.
Note: The Instagram Reels Play bonus program is currently not available in all languages. We are working to support additional languages in the future.
Payouts and Bonuses
You’ll receive bonus earnings if you meet the requirements for each bonus. Approximate bonus earnings will appear in the bonus-specific progress page.
All Bonus payouts are processed at approximately 1AM PST the first day of the next month and paid out around the 21st of every month. This means that your bonus payout will only include bonuses you earned within that month. If a bonus opportunity spans multiple months, you may receive earnings from that opportunity across multiple payouts.
You can review earnings and invoices in the professional dashboard.
Bonus Insights
  • Approximate Bonus: The amount of money you have earned from this bonus opportunity. Final payments may differ from this amount pending reviews, content ownership claims and other adjustments.
  • Bonus Plays: The total approximate number of plays your reels have received on Facebook or Instagram that count towards this bonus opportunity.
  • Maximum Bonus: The highest possible bonus you can earn from this bonus opportunity, based on the number of Bonus Plays your reels have received.
Rules and Eligibility
To receive a bonus payout from Instagram, you will be required to comply with the below Program Rules (as referenced in the Instagram Creator Incentive Terms).
By proceeding with Bonuses, you agree to these Program Rules. The applicable rules and eligibility requirements are as follows:
  • You may at some time be informed that you are eligible to onboard to a bonus program. That eligibility may expire. The date at which it expires can be identified when you access the bonus in the Instagram App.
  • Branded content is currently ineligible for Bonuses.
  • To earn a bonus, you must meet all requirements for the relevant bonus program.
  • The requirements and the details of each bonus program may vary by participant. You’ll be able to find this information when you onboard to each bonus program.
  • For any bonus available to you, you can see your progress toward earning that bonus on the progress page, which is accessible in Bonuses Settings.
    Note: It might take up to 24 hours to update your progress and/or earnings.
  • Instagram will not pay bonuses for content reflecting misleading or inauthentic behavior.
  • Bonuses do not constitute endorsements of the content created to earn those bonuses.
Additional support
If you’re having trouble receiving your payment or you still have questions, you can request support in the Instagram App.
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