How do I watch videos or view posts with other people on Instagram?
This feature may be unavailable in Japan and for countries located in Europe.
You can watch videos and posts in a video chat with other Instagram and Facebook accounts from the Instagram app for Android and iPhone. You’ll be able to choose from TV shows, movies, videos, reels, and other posts on Instagram. You’ll need to update to Messenger features on Instagram to use it.
If you’re video chatting with a Facebook account, that account can share Facebook Watch videos to watch with you.
To watch something together:
Instagram app for Android and iPhone
  1. Tap Media at the bottom of your active video chat.
  2. Find something to watch. To browse through different categories of videos and posts, tap:
    • to watch or view posts you’ve liked
    • to watch or view posts you’ve saved
    • to watch or view suggested posts
    • to watch TV shows and movies
    • to watch IGTV videos
  3. To stop watching a video or post, tap Remove in the top right of the media player. To end the video chat, tap in the top right.
You can also add a post directly from your Instagram feed to watch with other Instagram and Facebook accounts in an active video chat. To watch a post together from your Instagram feed:
  1. Tap in the top left to make your active video chat appear in a small frame on your device, then go to your feed.
  2. Tap direct below the post you'd like to add to the call, then tap Share post to the call.
Note that the option to watch TV shows and IGTV videos may not be available to everyone.
Keep in mind
While watching videos or posts together:
  1. Changing the volume or muting what you're watching will only affect your device.
  2. Tap to pause a video, or tap and drag the scrubber at the bottom of the video to skip ahead. The video will also be paused or skipped ahead for the accounts you're watching content with.
Why can’t I watch a specific TV show or movie?
If you’re having trouble watching content together, it may be related to:
  • Your location. Some TV shows and movies may only be available in certain countries. You’ll see an error message if the account you’re video chatting with doesn’t have access to the TV show or movie you want to watch.
  • Your age. Depending on the rating, some content may be unavailable for people under a certain age. Age is based on the information provided for an account. If you join a room as a guest, you’ll only be able to watch content that’s appropriate for young users.
  • The type of content. Content created by others on Instagram or Facebook may be unavailable if it was recently deleted or shared by a private account.
  • Your app or device. Try these troubleshooting steps to help solve the issue.
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