What happens when you submit a report under the NetzDG
If you submitted a report through the NetzDG reporting form, you’ll receive an automated email that has information about your report, including a unique report number. You should save this number in case you need to contact us about your report.
We may respond to your report and ask for more information. If you receive an email from us, please respond directly to that email so that our team can continue to look into your report.
When we remove access to content in response to a report under the NetzDG, we will inform you and the person who posted the content of our decision and the reasons for that decision. Please note that if you report content through the NetzDG form, we will not identify you to the person who posted it unless we need additional information from that person as set forth in NetzDG section 3 subsection (2) number (3) letter (a).
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