About Branded Content Ads
Creators on Instagram can allow business partners to boost branded content. This means that when a creator partners with a business to create a branded content post or Story, the creator can give their business partner permission to turn their content in to an ad.
Creators can also boost their own Instagram branded content posts as Instagram Feed, Stories or Explore ads or create a new branded content ad, which won’t be visible on their profile. Branded content ads can be created in Ads Manager.
Benefits of branded content ads:
  • Creators have control over their content. As a creator, you will need to use the branded content tag in your organic branded content in order for a post to be used in an ad. Note: You can only tag one business partner per branded content post or Story, though you can work with more than one business partner.
  • Control over organic and paid insights. When a creator's branded content post is turned into an ad, the creator will be able to see increased engagement from their insights due to ad activity. However, your business partner will not have access to the organic insights of your post. Businesses that choose to boost a post will only have access to the paid insights from their ad in Ads Manager and will not be able to view the organic activity on a post.
  • Businesses can benefit from expanded reach. With the permission from a creator, businesses can boost a branded content post using Ads Manager, which will then appear as an ad on people's Instagram Feeds. Advertisers will have the ability to reach people who are relevant to your business, beyond the creator's followers. Creators can also use Ads Manager to boost their branded content posts as Instagram ads.
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