How does video selfie age verification work on Instagram?
This feature is only available in some countries.
If you are under 18 and trying to change your age on Instagram to over 18, you will be asked to give us additional information to help verify your age.
There are a few different ways you can verify your age:
How your age is verified
If you choose to take a video selfie, we use Yoti’s technology to estimate your age. Yoti is a company that specializes in age verification while maintaining privacy. After you take a video selfie, we share an image from the selfie with Yoti.
Yoti uses artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate your age. Their AI does this by looking at facial features in an image, and it was trained using images of many people around the world of different ages. The only thing the AI was trained to do is to estimate age, it can’t identify specific people.
Yoti’s AI analyzes the face for features that correspond with a specific age. Learn more about how Yoti’s technology estimates age on our blog.
Once your age has been estimated and shared with us, both Instagram and Yoti delete the image. We don’t share any other information about you with Yoti.
Yoti’s age estimation maintains your privacy because it doesn’t require any personal details or documents. To read more about Yoti and their technology, visit their website.
How to take the selfie
If you choose to take a video selfie to verify your age, you’ll see instructions on your screen for how to take the selfie. If you haven’t used the camera on Instagram before, we’ll ask you for permission to use the camera so you can take the selfie.
When you take the selfie, make sure your whole face is visible and that you have enough light for the camera. Avoid wearing anything that blocks your face, like a mask or hat. You’ll be asked to move your face in different directions, such as to the right and left and up and down.
Once you have taken the selfie, you’ll see a screen to submit your selfie. Once you have submitted your selfie, you can keep using Instagram or exit the app.
It can take Yoti and Instagram up to 20 minutes to verify your age. You will get a notification with the result of the verification.
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