How do I save high-resolution versions of my filtered photos to my phone?

If you've chosen to save filtered photos to your phone, the high-resolution versions of your Instagram photos are saved to your phone after you upload the photo to Instagram.

We'll always save images to your phone in the highest resolution size possible. The maximum resolution is 2048x2048 on iOS and varies on Android.


Image resolution capabilities are different for each phone.

Apple iOS

Photo resolution taken with the Instagram camera (not the iPhone Camera app) and saved to your phone are:

  • 2048x2048 on the iPhone 4s and later
  • 1936x1936 on the iPhone 4
  • 1536x1536 on the iPhone 3GS

Keep in mind that photos imported from iOS (not taken with the Instagram camera) and then uploaded to Instagram may save at a much lower resolution.

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