How do I record a reel on Instagram?

Reels isn’t currently available to everyone. Keep in mind, some accounts may be able to see reels, but won't be able to record them.

Reels allows you to record and edit short videos up to 30 seconds in the Instagram Camera. You can add effects and music to your reel or use your own original audio.

To record a reel from the Instagram app:

  1. Tap in the top left of Feed or swipe right from anywhere in Feed. Scroll to Reels at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap and hold to record a clip or tap it to start recording and tap it again to end the clip. You can also tap your camera roll in the bottom left to add a video from your camera roll.
  3. Tap to watch, trim or delete the previous clip you recorded.
  4. Tap to add stickers, drawings and text to your reel or download it to your device. Use the slider at the bottom to edit when you want text to appear.
  5. Tap , then tap Cover to change your cover photo and write a caption. Tap Stories at the top if you want to share your reel to your story instead of to Explore.
  6. Tap Share, then tap Done.

Note that you can record one or multiple clips that add up to 30 seconds. The progress bar at the top shows how long you’ve recorded. If you share your reel to Explore, it can also be seen on the Reels tab of your profile.

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to use interactive stickers (example: poll, Q&A, challenge) in your reel. Learn more about saving and editing a draft of your reel.

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