About Brand Collabs Manager

At this time, Brand Collabs Manager is available to Instagram creators located in the US.

Brand Collabs Manager is a free marketplace to help brands and creators, learn more about and connect with each other. With Brand Collabs Manager, you can:

Benefits for Creators:

  • Discover partnership opportunities: With Brand Collabs Manager you can browse and respond to project briefs submitted by brands who are looking to partner with creators.
  • Control over your information: Creators can create a portfolio, upload a media kit, and customize the information that brands can see about you, including your audience information and past branded content partners.
  • One-stop-shop: With Brand Collabs Manager, creators can source new deals, manage partnerships, and customize insights shared with brands, all in one place.

Benefits for Brands:

  • Expand your brand’s reach with partnerships: With Brands Collab Manager, businesses have a place to discover or search through a large set of high integrity creator partners at scale.
  • Manage your partnerships: Advertisers and brands can also create and send out project briefs to creators and publishers who meet their campaign criteria.
  • Measure branded content performance: Brands can view their branded content post campaign insights via first party data to assess both organic and paid performance, and compare post performance across 2 posts side by side.

If you're a brand, sponsor, advertiser or marketer interested in gaining access to Brand Collabs Manager, Page admins can apply here.

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