Reply to a comment on your reel with a new reel on Instagram
Anyone can reply to comments people leave on public reels with a new reel. The reply reel will have a sticker with the comment, the commenter’s username and profile picture.
Reply to a comment with a reel
Instagram app for Android and iPhone
  1. Tap Reply below the comment you want to reply to, then tap record on the left.
  2. Record your reel or tap in the bottom left to select a video from your gallery or camera roll. You can also tap Green Screen in the top right to record a reel with a different background.
  3. Tap the comment sticker to change the background color or tap and hold it to move it.
  4. Tap Next at the bottom and edit your reel.
  5. Tap Next in the bottom right, then tap Share.
The person who posted the comment will receive a notification that you replied to them. Anyone can tap the original commenter’s username at the bottom of your reel to view the comments on the original reel.
What happens if the comment you replied to is deleted or you delete your reply reel
If the comment you replied to is deleted, the reel you posted as a reply will also be deleted.
If you delete your reply, any remixes of your reply reel will be also deleted and any reels using your original audio will be muted. If you restore your reel within 30 days from your account settings, any remixes and original audio will also be restored.

What happens if the original reel is deleted

If the original reel is deleted, all reply reels created from comments on the original reel will also be deleted.

What happens if the original reel creator sets their account to private

If the creator of the original reel sets their account to private, only their followers will be able to see the reel and its comments. No new reply reels to comments can be made on that reel. Existing reply reels will still be visible but won’t link back to the original reel unless the viewer follows the original reel creator.
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