What are some best practices for shooting vertical video?
Creating standout, must-see content on Instagram video doesn't have to be time-consuming or perfectly polished. Shooting original vertical content is a real and authentic way for followers to get closer to you. The easiest way to create vertical video is to use your phone or mobile device's camera. Here are some recommendations to help you shoot vertical video:
  • Adjust your Camera Settings. The built-in camera apps on iOS and Android are great places to start. Turning on the grid feature in your phone's camera helps with framing and composing your subject in video shots.
  • Consider Resolution & Frame Rate Options. Videos with high resolutions and high frame rates have better quality and frame control but can also take up a lot of space on your phone. It's recommended that you share videos with a vertical video resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 30 fps (frames per second) to maximize video quality and phone storage. Learn more about the video upload requirements for Instagram video.
  • Check Lighting & Sound. Depending on your camera settings and whether you're shooting inside or outside, you may want to adjust the lighting to avoid overexposure. Adding an external microphone is also a great way to make sure your capturing high quality audio. Experiment with lighting, audio, and camera settings to find what works well for you.
If you want to shoot on a DSLR, simply rotate the camera 90-degrees to capture in vertical format. Once you've created your first video, take the next step and share your Reel on Instagram.
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