Data shared with sellers when you purchase on Instagram
Your purchase info will be shared with the seller. They may use this info according to their terms and policies, including for order management, analytics and customer service.
Keep in mind that:
  • We use encryption to protect your payments and keep your credentials secure. Learn how we protect your payment information.
  • When using checkout, no one can see your whole credit card number or PayPal password on Instagram after you enter it, even with your password.
  • Only you can see your payment and transaction history. Your activity, such as payments or purchases, will not be shared with your friends or to your profile or feed, unless you choose to share it.
When you opt-in with Autofill on Meta Pay, we will pre-fill your saved purchase info and shipping info when you checkout on the seller's website. You can edit this information before submitting it to the seller.
When you check out on Instagram using Shop Pay as a payment method, information about your purchase (including your order details and order tracking info) is shared with Shopify. Shopify may use your purchase info to improve its products and services according to its terms and policies, including to:
  • Provide you with services like order tracking and payment status updates
  • Recommend products, sellers and services in the Shop app
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