View Branded Content Insights
Business partners can view insights for branded content they've been tagged in, including Feed, Instagram video, Stories, Reels, and Live.
Before you begin
  • Once a business partner has been tagged in a post or a story, they'll be able to see organic insights on the Branded Content section of Page Insights.
  • For posts in Feed, businesses will be able to see reach and engagement.
  • For stories, tagged business partners will have a 14-day window to see reach, taps forward, taps backward, replies and exits. Creators will continue to see metrics directly on Instagram insights, as opposed to Page Insights on Facebook.
  • Stories insights will last only 14 days.
  • Live insights will be available to brands for 2 years or until the Live is deleted.
View Branded Content Insights in Business Manager
To view the performance of your branded content posts (Feed, Instagram video and Stories) in Meta Business Manager:
  1. Go to All Tools.
  2. Under Analyze & Report, click Insights.
  3. View your insights.
View Branded Content Insights in the Instagram App
To view the performance of your branded content in the Instagram App:
  1. Go to your notifications to view the Activity screen.
  2. Tap Monetization to view a list of business partners who have tagged you.
  3. Select the content and tap the three dots .
  4. Tap View Insights.
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