How do Shops on Instagram work?

Shops are only available on the Instagram mobile app on your Apple or Android device.

Shops showcase a seller's items and allow you to see and buy on Instagram. In a seller's shop, you can look through their collections, which may have been customized by the seller so you see the most relevant items.

To see a seller’s shop:

  1. Go to the Instagram profile you want to browse.
  2. Tap View Shop.

When buying from sellers on Instagram, you can checkout directly in the app with Facebook Pay for a seamless and secure shopping experience. You will also have access to order details and customer support for payment inquiries.

If you checkout on a seller’s website, you will no longer be on Instagram. This means that your activity (including any purchases you make) will need to be directed to the respective seller and will be governed by the seller’s privacy policy and terms of service. Learn more about shopping on Instagram.

How is your data used with Facebook Shops?

Shops is a Facebook Product that is personalized for you and uses your data to provide services, as described in our Instagram Terms of Use. Our Data Policy details how your information is used to provide, personalize and improve our products, including for ads.

This means that your activity may influence what you see in our shops or other products. For instance, if you look through collections of bicycles in Shops, you might see more content (including ads) about bicycles on other Facebook Products.

Learn more about how we collect, use, and share information and your rights in our Data Policy.

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