Tag Products in IGTV Videos
Businesses and creators can tag products in their IGTV content.
Before you begin:
  • You must be approved for Instagram Shopping and completed setup before being able to tag products in your IGTV videos.
  • During creation, you can tag up to 30 products or a collection to feature in your IGTV video.
Tag Products in IGTV Videos
To tag products in IGTV videos:
  1. Tap and select the video you want to upload.
  2. Tap Next, select Long Video, then tap Continue.
  3. To select a cover image, tap and slide the image or tap Add from Camera Roll (iPhone) or Add from Gallery (Android). Tap Next.
  4. Enter a title and an optional description.
  5. Tap Tag Products.
  6. Select the product(s) or collection you want to feature.
  7. Tap Done.
  8. Tap Post.
You’ve now added products to your IGTV video. When people are watching your video, they’ll be able to tap your featured products using the shopping bag icon to view the product detail page or continue to make a purchase.
You can also edit existing IGTV videos and add tagged products.
All products are reviewed and approved per Facebook’s Commerce Policies.
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