Why does Instagram add links to some posts in my feed?

Instagram is committed to keeping people safe and informed about coronavirus (COVID-19), reducing the spread of false information and giving people accurate information about voting.

You may now find links to Instagram’s Voting Information Center or health organizations on content you’ve posted or see in your feed if the post mentions the 2020 US Election, COVID-19, or vaccines.

Links to voting information

By providing links to our Voting Information Center on posts related to voting and the 2020 US Election, we can continue to connect people with accurate information about voting, like where to vote in their state, the type of identification needed to vote, and how to vote in their location.

Links to health organizations

By providing links to credible health information on posts related to COVID-19, we can continue to prioritize safety and connect people with accurate information as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves.

You may also find links to CDC.gov, WHO.int, or your local health ministries on posts related to vaccines and when searching for vaccine-related accounts or hashtags for accurate and up-to-date vaccination information.

How do I hide these links?

At this time links to official voting information and health organizations on Instagram cannot be removed or hidden from posts related to voting, COVID-19, and vaccines. Keep in mind that even if you change the content of the caption, the banner may not be removed.

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