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A trademark is a word, slogan, symbol or design (like a brand name or a logo) that distinguishes the products or services offered by one party from those offered by others. Generally, trademark law seeks to prevent confusion among consumers about who provides or is affiliated with a product or service. The owner of a trademark may be able to prevent others from using its trademark (or a similar trademark) in a way that would confuse people into thinking that there’s a relationship between the trademark owner and a person who isn’t authorized to use the trademark or that the trademark owner endorses that other person’s products or services.

The owner of a trademark typically claims rights to a trademark through registration with a recognized trademark office. Keep in mind that just registering a company with a government office or getting a business permit may not by itself create trademark rights.

To learn more about trademarks, visit the World Intellectual Property Organization's website. For a list of trademark offices in other countries, please visit the WIPO's trademark directory.

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Reporting Trademark Infringements

If you believe someone is using your trademark without your permission, you may wish to fill out this form. Please be prepared to include a complete trademark claim in your report. Keep in mind that you don’t need an Instagram account to submit a report.

Before you submit a claim of trademark infringement, you may want to reach out to the person who posted the content. You may be able to resolve the issue without contacting Instagram.

To report a claim of trademark infringement, fill out this form.

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