Create a Product Launch on Instagram

At this time, Checkout on Instagram is only available in the US and a select number of businesses.

For businesses using Checkout on Instagram, you can use Commerce Manager to set up a product launch on Instagram. This means that you can set up an exclusive product launch on Instagram by following the steps below.

Before you begin

  1. Log into Commerce Manager.
  2. Make sure you're an admin of the Instagram account you're setting up the product launch for.
  3. Add the products you'd like to launch to your Catalog.

Create a Product Launch on Instagram

To set up a product launch on Instagram:

  1. Go to Commerce Manager.
  2. Click Product Launches under the Promotions tab.
  3. Click Create Product Launch.
  4. Enter a launch date and time for your product. You have the option to set the product launch to be sold exclusively on Instagram with time constraints.
  5. Select which products to include in your launch. You can view all scheduled product launches from the Product Launch tab in Commerce Manager.
    • You can set a flexible return window for your products.
  6. When you're ready to launch your product, go to the Instagram App.
  7. Publish the product launch on Instagram. To publish your products must be tagged or added to your Instagram shop.
    • Note: your launch won't be visible to customers until the products are published on Instagram.

You've now set up a product launch for your product. To ensure you can receive and fulfill orders as quickly as possible your customers will not have a 30-minute cancellation window when you use product launches. Product launches will receive early review to ensure they are available at launch without any delay.

If something comes up and you'd like to cancel your product launch make sure to unpublish on Instagram or remove the products from your product catalog. If you don't remove your products, your followers will see the products as available for puchase.

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