Create a Product Launch on Instagram
This feature is available to businesses using checkout on Instagram.
Product launches allow your customers to set reminders for your upcoming product launches, preview product details, and buy your products the moment they’re available, right on Instagram.
Use Commerce Manager to create and manage your shop’s product launches.
Before you begin
  • Your shop must be checkout-enabled to set up product launches using the Commerce Manager.
  • You must be an admin of the Instagram account you're setting up the product launch for.
  • We recommend that you create a product launch at least three days in advance.
  • Add the products to your catalog first.
  • Learn how to prevent products from displaying in your shop before the product launch.
Create a product launch on Instagram
To create a product launch on Instagram using Commerce Manager:
  1. Go to Commerce Manager.
  2. Select the shop you'd like to create the product launch for.
  3. Click Product Launches under the Promotions tab.
  4. Click Create Product Launch.
  5. Details: You have the option to create a product launch for a collection or a single product. Enter a launch date and time for your product and select an end time. Click Next.
    • If launching a collection, provide a customer-facing name and description for the launch, and upload a cover image. This name, description and cover image are used to create a new collection in your shop.
  6. Products: Select which products to include in your launch. Check the inventory (quantity to sell) of your launch products. You can restock your inventory anytime, including when it's live. Click Next.
  7. Purchase Settings: Choose how customers can view and purchase your products from your launch (For example, First come, first serve, drawing or mystery). Click Next.
  8. Purchase Limits: Click Apply the purchase limit for this launch and select a number to set the maximum number of items a customer can buy per product. Click Next.
  9. Return Settings: With product launches, you have the option to specify custom return windows by product, down to 0 days (final sale). This return window will override what’s in your settings and will be applied to your products after the launch is over. Click Next.
  10. Review: Preview the details for your product launch.
  11. Click Create product launch to schedule your launch.
  12. Follow the steps on the product launch details page after you’ve scheduled your launch. Learn how to give creators permission to tag your product ahead of the launch. If you've set your shop's inventory setting to Advanced, you'll need to make your product launch visible to customers by:
    • Clicking Add to Shop to add the product to your shop.
    • Tagging the product in a post, story, reel or when you go Live.
You’ve now set up a product launch.
You can view and edit all scheduled product launches from the Product Launches tab in Commerce Manager. If you’d like to cancel your product launch, make sure to remove the product tags on Instagram or remove the product from your catalog. If you don’t remove your product, it may become available to purchase.

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