Add Product Tags in Instagram Posts

This feature is currently available to approved businesses in these markets.

When you share a post with product tags on Instagram, you can also share the same post on Facebook with product tags. You can do this by toggling Facebook before posting.

Before you begin

  1. You must be approved for Instagram Shopping and completed setup before being able to tag products in your posts.

Add product tags to your Instagram posts:

To tag products in your posts:

  1. Select a photo or video and add a caption, effects and filters.
  2. Tap the products in the photo that you want to tag. For videos, a tray will appear where you can select up to five products you want to tag.
  3. Enter the names of the products you want to tag, then select them as they appear in the search box.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. Tap Share.

To preview posts or save a draft of a post, click Preview Tagged Products or Save Draft. You can tag products in both new and existing posts from your Instagram professional account. You can tag up to 5 products per single-image post and video posts, or 20 products per multi-image post.

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