How affiliate works on Instagram for creators
Instagram’s current affiliate program will end in August. From August 31, you’ll no longer be able to tag commission-eligible products in your content and existing content will no longer earn commission. Learn more.
Instagram affiliate creators earn a commission on sales made from product tags in feed posts, Stories and Reels, and from products in their shop.
How to become eligibile for affiliate on Instagram
To set up affiliate in the Instagram app, you must:
How affiliate works on Instagram
You can tag affiliate products in feed posts, Stories, Reels and live broadcasts.
You can also create your own shop with recommended products.
As an affiliate creator, you can:
  • Make commissions directly on Instagram. When you create feed posts, Stories or Reels with affiliate product tags, your followers can tap to learn more and purchase.
  • Add product tags with stickers. You can edit previous posts to add affiliate product tags. You can also add product stickers to your Stories.
  • Promote your affiliate posts. You can run a promotion on your affiliate posts to boost your potential earnings.
  • Customize your shop with collections. If you have a shop, you can create collections to share your favourite products with your followers.
Instagram affiliate rules
When you use the affiliate tool to tag a product on Instagram, your content will have an eligible for commission label.
However, if you are including affiliate products in content which is also branded content, you will need to use the paid partnership label, too.
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