Troubleshoot Connecting Your Catalog to Instagram

This feature is currently available to approved businesses in these markets.

Before you begin, ensure:

  • Your account has been approved for Instagram Shopping
  • You have set up product tagging on your Instagram Business or Creator account
  • You have the latest version of the Instagram app

If you fulfill the above requirements and see “No Products Found” after you tap Tag Products in the post creation flow follow these instructions:

  • If you are using a shop on Facebook through Shopify or BigCommerce: Ensure the Facebook account connected to those platforms is the same as the one connected to your Instagram professional account
  • If you are using a catalog on Business Manager: Ensure the Business Manager owns (not simply have access to) the Facebook Page linked to your Instagram professional account. The Business Manager must also own or have access to the catalog. You can't transfer ownership of a Page to another Business Manager. However, if a business removes a Page, it'll be available to be added by another business. To add a Page, you must also be an Admin on the Page. If you aren't an Admin on the page, you'll have to request access to it.
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