Reporting Trademark Infringements

According to Instagram’s Terms of Use, people on Instagram may not infringe someone else’s trademark rights. If you're unsure if content on Instagram infringes your trademark rights, you may want to seek legal advice.

To learn more about trademark rights, visit the World Intellectual Property Organization's trademark directory.

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Submitting a claim of trademark infringement is a serious matter with potential legal consequences.

Before you report a claim of trademark infringement to us, you may want to reach out to the person posting the content. You may be able to resolve the issue simply by bringing it to their attention without contacting Instagram at all.

If you wish to submit a claim of trademark infringement to Instagram, you can fill out this online form. You don’t need an Instagram account to submit a report. If you’re not sure whether the content you’re reporting is infringing your legal rights, you may want to seek legal guidance.

If you choose to submit a report, please be prepared to include a complete trademark claim.

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The fastest and easiest way to submit a report of trademark infringement to us is to use our online form. Whether you submit your report through our online form or another method, Instagram needs the following information to be able to process your report:

  • Your complete contact information (full name, mailing address, and phone number)*
  • The specific word, symbol, etc., in which you claim trademark rights.
  • The basis for your claim of trademark rights (such as a national or community registration), including registration number, if applicable
  • The country or jurisdiction in which you claim trademark rights
  • The category of goods and/or services for which you assert rights
  • Information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the material on Instagram that you believe violates your trademark rights. The easiest way to do this is by providing web addresses (URLs) leading directly to the allegedly infringing content. Learn how to find a URL.
  • A description of how you believe this content infringes your trademark
  • If you are not the rights holder, an explanation of your relationship to the rights holder
  • A declaration that:
    • You have a good faith belief that use of the trademark described above, in the manner you have complained of, is not authorized by the trademark owner, its agent, or the law
    • The information in your notice is accurate
    • You declare, under penalty of perjury, that you are the owner or authorized to act on behalf of the owner of a trademark that is allegedly infringed
  • Your electronic signature or physical signature

*Please note that we regularly provide the rights owner’s name, your email address and the details of your report to the person who posted the content you are reporting. This person may contact you with the information you provide. You may wish to provide a valid generic business or professional email address for this reason.

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If you submitted a trademark report to us through our online form or via email, you’ll receive an automated email that contains information about your report, including a unique report number. You should save this number in case you need to contact us about your report.

Sometimes, we might have a question about your report. In this case, we might respond to your report and ask for more information. If you receive an email from our team asking for more information about your report, you can and should respond directly to that email. Once our team receives your response, they can continue to look into your report.

Please note that Instagram is not in a position to adjudicate disputes between third parties, and may not be able to remove the content you reported for trademark infringement. You may want to contact the person who posted the reported content to try to resolve your issue with them directly.

When we remove content in response to a report of trademark infringement, we notify the person you reported to inform them the content was removed. We also provide them with your contact information, including your email address and the name of the trademark owner, and/or details of your report.

If the person who posted the content believes that the content shouldn’t have been removed, they may reach out to you directly to try to resolve the issue. If the content was removed based on U.S. trademark rights, they may also be able to submit an appeal.

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Only the trademark owner or their authorized representative may report a suspected infringement. If you believe that something on Instagram infringes someone else’s trademark rights, you may want to let the rights owner know.

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We can't provide you with any legal advice. If you aren't certain that you're legally authorized to use the content, don't upload it to Instagram. If you have done so already, you should remove it immediately.

If you don't own the trademark to content you wish to post, posting it might be a violation of the law if you don't have the permission of the trademark holder.

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When we receive a report from someone claiming that content on the site infringes their trademark, we may need to immediately remove that content from Instagram without contacting you first.

If we remove your content because of a trademark claim, you’ll receive a warning from Instagram that includes the contact information of the person or company who made the report. If you believe the content should not have been removed, you can follow up with them directly to try to resolve the issue.

If the content is removed based on United States trademark rights, you will also be able to contact Instagram directly if you believe the content should not have been removed. In that event, we’ll include instructions for how to contact us in the warning message we send you. Our team will review your submission, and if we determine that your content should not have been removed, we will restore it and notify the reporting party that we have restored that content.

It’s our policy to disable the accounts of people who repeatedly infringe others’ intellectual property rights when appropriate. Please make sure that all content you’ve posted and will post in the future doesn’t violate or infringe the rights of others.

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When we receive trademark claims through our online form and remove the reported content, we provide the reported user with the following information:

  • Report number
  • Rights owner’s name
  • Email address provided by the reporting party
  • Description of the rights owner’s trademark(s)
  • Description of the removed content

In rare cases (such as when we are contacted by fax, mail or email), we provide the report number and a description of the removed content. Instagram may provide additional information if it’s requested by the person who posted the reported content.

For any content that was removed based on U.S. trademark rights, we will include instructions for how to appeal if the affected user believes the content should not have been removed.

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