What is the Oversight Board?

You can only appeal to the Oversight Board if Instagram has taken down your content and you've already requested a review that was upheld to be a violation of our Community Guidelines.

We know we don’t always get it right when we decide to remove content on Instagram, which is why we’ve created the Oversight Board. The Oversight Board independently reviews some of the most difficult and significant content decisions we make.

The board’s members are a diverse set of experts from all over the world who select which of our decisions to review through user appeals and cases that are referred to them by Instagram. Once reviewed, they let us know whether or not they agree with our content decisions. The board’s decisions are binding and if they don’t agree with our initial decision, we’ll reverse it, unless doing so could violate the law. The board also has the option of making policy recommendations.

Not all content decisions are eligible for appeal to the Oversight Board. If a Facebook content decision is eligible for review by the Oversight Board, you'll see an Oversight Board Reference ID within your Support Inbox.

Keep in mind that the board only selects a certain number of eligible appeals, so they may not choose yours to review.

Read more about the board’s bylaws and structure, or learn about them in the Newsroom.

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