What's the difference between NetzDG and Instagram's Community Guidelines?
We've developed a set of Community Guidelines, which outline what is and isn't allowed on Instagram. Our Community Guidelines apply to content worldwide and are integral to protecting both expression and personal safety on Instagram. A wide range of objectionable or harmful content is prohibited under the Community Guidelines including content that promotes violent and criminal behavior, content that threatens the safety of others, hate speech, graphic content, spam and content that is harmful to minors.
The Network Enforcement Act (“NetzDG”) is a German law that requires social networks to maintain a procedure for handling complaints about unlawful content. We take a two-step approach to reviewing content that is reported through the NetzDG reporting form. First, we review the reported content under our Community Guidelines. If content that is reported to us through the NetzDG reporting form violates our Community Guidelines, it's removed from Instagram globally and the review process concludes. Second, if the reported content doesn't violate our Community Guidelines, we review it for legality based on the report. In this part of the process, an assessment is made of whether the reported content violates the relevant provisions of the German Criminal Code listed in the NetzDG. If it's decided that the reported content is unlawful under the NetzDG, access to that content in Germany is disabled.
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