About customer lists on Instagram
A customer list is a file that contains information which is used by businesses to show you relevant ads on Instagram. Contact information in these lists is encrypted so your information is protected.
About customer lists
When you interact with a business, you may give them some information, like your name or phone number, to get business updates. That business, or an associated business, may want to reach you on Instagram. To reach you, they can upload a customer list on Instagram that may include your information.
A customer list consists of “identifiers,” which typically includes a name, phone number or email address. The purpose of using this information is to help reach you, including by matching the identifiers with Instagram profiles.
How Instagram uses customer lists to show you ads
When the business uploads its customer list, user contact information from the list is encrypted using a cryptographic security method known as hashing. This turns the identifiers into randomized code to make sure your information is protected. This security feature also ensures that Instagram doesn’t receive your actual contact information from the customer list.
Once your information is turned into randomized code, the matching process can begin.
Instagram’s system takes the contact information it already has and turns it into a randomized code. Then this code is compared to the code uploaded by the business. If the code matches, Instagram may show a relevant ad.
After the match process is completed, Instagram will delete the hashed contact information.
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