Why are my Instagram reels being recommended on Facebook?
This feature isn’t currently available to everyone.
If you post a reel on Instagram and your account is public, you can choose to have your reel shown as recommended content on Facebook. Instagram reels on Facebook can be recommended to anyone based on what may be relevant to them. You can change this setting at any time.
What can people viewing my reel from Facebook see?
People viewing your Instagram reel from Facebook can see:
  • Your Instagram username and profile info. If you have a Facebook account, your Facebook info won’t be shown, even if your Instagram account is connected to a Facebook account.
  • Your reel’s total play count, like count and which Facebook accounts liked your reel. The play count and like count may include plays and likes from both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Your reel’s total comment count. Comments on your reel won’t be visible on Facebook. Only Instagram accounts can see and leave comments on your reel.
Note that reels you set to recommend on Facebook can be seen by anyone on Facebook. This may include people who you aren't friends with on Facebook or whose accounts you blocked on Facebook or Instagram. Read our tips for parents to learn how to help keep your child safe.
Keep in mind
  • If someone plays or likes your reel from an Instagram and a Facebook account, it will count as two separate plays or likes, even if they've set up their accounts in Accounts Center.
  • When you view your reel from Instagram, you won’t see the names of people who liked your reel from Facebook.
  • Instagram accounts can see your reel’s play count, like count and which Instagram users liked your reel, comments and comment count.
  • If you want to stop a reel you’ve already shared from being recommended on Facebook, you must delete your Instagram reel or set your account to private. Setting your account back to public will automatically make Instagram reels previously recommended on Facebook visible on Facebook again.
  • Reels that reuse your original audio or remix your Reel can also be recommended on Facebook.
  • Reels containing branded content tags won’t be recommended on Facebook. If you add branded content tags to a reel that’s been recommended on Facebook, it will no longer be visible on Facebook.
  • Reels with product tags can be recommended on Facebook, but product tags won’t be visible on Facebook.
  • Anyone on Facebook can reuse your original audio and, if you allow it, remix your Reel.
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