Why do some reels say Featured on Instagram?

The Reels tab shows public reels you may like based on accounts you follow and posts you’ve liked or commented on. Reels that are labeled Featured are chosen by Instagram to help you discover new content from a diverse mix of creators across a variety of topics.

Instagram chooses reels to feature that:

  • May be entertaining for a wide audience
  • Show events that are meaningful and relevant to our community
  • Show creators with diverse backgrounds and views
  • Encourage people to participate and make their own reels
  • Promote a safe and respectful community

Reels are featured for a few weeks before the label is removed to make room for new featured reels. If your reel is featured, you'll get a notification from Instagram. We won’t feature reels that:

  • Aren’t original videos
  • Focus on political issues or are made by political figures, parties or government officials (or on their behalf)
  • Go against our Community Guidelines
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