About Creative Optimizations for Instagram Ads
When you boost an Instagram post, it may be automatically eligible for creative and format optimizations to help your ad perform better. Instagram will determine which optimizations may increase the performance of the ad, as well as adjust your ad to your viewers’ preferences.
Note that not all variations are shown to your viewers. When your ad is delivered to people, they'll see the version that they're most likely to prefer. Therefore, two people with different preferences may not see the same version of your ad.
Currently, optimizations will only apply to the Instagram Stories placement. Possible optimizations include, but are not limited to, applying automatic Stories templates, adding a new card with your caption, showing the call-to-action in the center of the image towards the end of the ad, and varying your caption length. An ad may be eligible for any number of these optimizations. Learn more about each type of optimization and view visual examples below:
Automatic Stories Templates
Instagram may automatically adjust your image using a set of templates designed to fit fullscreen vertical screens. To improve your ad performance, Instagram will determine which templates will likely work best for your ad and dynamically adjust to your audience preferences. See the example below for potential variations on your ad’s image:
Caption Card
If your caption is longer than 100 characters, it may be placed on a second card to allow for a more interactive ad experience. In this case, the first card of your ad will display your image without the caption. Then, the second card will display the full text of your caption overlaid onto your image:
Call-to-Action Experience at End of Ad
If your ad has a call-to-action, Instagram may display select ad elements, such as your account name, post-click destination information, and call-to-action button, in the center of your ad, if viewers reach the end of your ad.
Other Optimizations
Instagram may apply other optimizations, including but not limited to:
  • Changing how the text appears in an ad to better suit the viewer’s device.
  • Varying the number of lines of text shown before people need to tap to see the rest.
  • Cropping an image or video automatically so it fits the fullscreen vertical format of Instagram Stories ads.
  • Showing text or additional creative across multiple cards to improve the way information is displayed. For example, we may include a snapshot of your Instagram profile to provide more information to viewers about your business or brand.
  • Automatically split video ads that are 10 seconds or longer into cards and tailor the number of cards displayed to viewers.
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