How do I remix a reel on Instagram?
Remix let’s anyone create a reel where your video and theirs play side-by-side.
To remix a reel
Instagram app for Android and iPhone:
  1. Tapmore actions (iPhone) or more actions (Android) at the bottom of the reel you want to remix.
  2. Tap Remix This Reel, then record your reel. The original reel will appear on the left while you record.
When you share a remix, it’ll show your Instagram username and Remix with [original creator’s username] at the bottom. Anyone on Instagram can tap Remix with [original creator’s username] to watch the original reel and create their own remix.

Note that you can mix the audio and add voiceovers to your remix. You can remix your own reel, but you can’t remix a reel that’s already a remix or reels that the creator doesn’t allow remixes on. Learn more about managing your reels remix setting.
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