How do I send a disappearing photo or video?

You can send a disappearing photo or video either as a group or individual message. After someone opens a disappearing photo or video you've sent them, the message is no longer visible in their inbox unless you've allowed a replay of your message.

To send a disappearing photo or video:

  1. Tap in the top left of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in Feed. You can also go to your inbox to reply to messages you've received.
  2. Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a photo or video, then choose to add effects.
  3. If you're sending a photo or video from your direct inbox, you can choose to allow One View (Android) or View Once (iPhone). Allow Replay, or Keep in Chat. Allow Replay loops your photo or video, and the recipient will be able to open and replay your photo or video one more time before it disappears. Keep in Chat keeps a preview image the photo or video visible in the chat thread.
  4. Tap Send To in the bottom right, then select people or groups you'd like to send to:
    • To send a message to someone, tap Send next to their username.
    • To send a group message, tap New Group, then select people you want to send to and tap Next. When you're ready to send your message, tap Send. Keep in mind that when you send a group message, it starts a single group thread that anyone in the group can see and reply to.
  5. Tap Send at the bottom of the screen.
Keep in mind that you can only send disappearing photos or videos to people who follow you or have already approved messages from you.

Note: When you send other things using Instagram Direct (ex: posts from Feed, text, hashtags), those messages don't disappear and will remain visible in the conversation.

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