About Live Shopping on Instagram
Businesses and creators using checkout on Instagram can now tag products when they go live on Instagram. Viewers will be able to buy or save products added to the shopping video. Before going Live, you can add up to 30 products to a collection to showcase and you can pin one item at a time while Live to feature that product. Only products that have been approved can be added to live videos.
Benefits of live shopping on Instagram:
  • Drive consideration: You can use live shopping to show people how to use a product, provide a product review or recommendation, and/or answer questions from your audience. Going live lets you directly interact with your followers and helps them build confidence to determine that your products are right for them.
  • Feature new products and promotions: Use live to keep your audience up to date about new products and promotions, so that they can tune into your live stream and be the first to know. By producing live content, you can drive real-time demand for your products and let people know what's available.
  • Collaborate with creators: Businesses and creators can use live shopping to drive sales for merchandise or product collaborations. Businesses with checkout-enabled shops can give shopping partners permission to tag products in their image and video posts on Instagram.
  • Schedule a Live Shopping broadcast: Live Scheduling lets businesses using checkout on Instagram and creators with shopping partner permissions, schedule a live broadcast anywhere from 1 hour to three months in advance to connect with followers. Add up to 30 products when scheduling or before the Live broadcast begins.
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