How are ads with political content identified on Instagram?

These features are only available for ads that appear on Instagram in the United States.

When ads with political content appear on Instagram, they're required to include information about who paid for them. In Feed or Stories, an ad with political content will say Paid for by below the photo or video, and you'll see information listed about the sponsor of the ad.

Reporting an Ad with Political Content

If you see ad on Instagram that has political content but doesn't have a label showing who paid for it, you can report it. To report an ad:

  1. Tap (iOS) or (Android) above the post.
  2. Tap Report.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Archive of Ads with Political Content

Ads that have political content and have appeared on Instagram on or after May 22, 2018, will also appear in the Archive of Ads with Political Content. Learn more about the Archive of Ads with Political Content.

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