Assign a moderator to your live broadcast on Instagram
When you start a live broadcast, you can assign one moderator to manage your viewers and comments. The moderator must be a different account than a co-host and must be tuned into the live in order to be assigned.

Assigning a moderator to your live video

To assign a moderator to your live video:
Instagram app for Android and iPhone
  1. Tap more actions next to Comment at the bottom.
  2. Tap Add Moderator.
  3. You can search for the account you want to assign as a moderator at the top or tap Add next to their account below Suggested.
  4. Tap Confirm.
Once you assign a moderator, they will receive a notification and have to accept before being able to moderate your live video. They can resign at any time.

Removing a moderator from your live video

If you’d like to change moderators, you will have to remove the current moderator and assign a new one. To remove a moderator:
Instagram app for Android and iPhone
  1. Tap viewers in the top right.
  2. Tap more actions next to the account you want to remove as a moderator.
  3. Tap Remove as Moderator.

What can a moderator do?

Moderators can tap more actions next to a comment and tap:
  • Report Comment to report a specific comment.
  • Remove from Live Video to stop an account from seeing the live video. They won’t be able to rejoin to view the live video, but can join future live videos.
  • Turn Off Commenting to turn off all comments from a specific account. The account will still see their comments appear, but they won’t be visible to anyone else.
Moderators can also tap viewers in the top right and tap more actions next to an account to see similar actions. They can tap their own account and select Stop Moderating to resign as a moderator.

What happens after I end a live broadcast?

Once your live broadcast ends, tap Review moderator actions to see the actions moderators took and take more actions if necessary. From here, you can:
  • Block a viewer
  • Remove a viewer as a follower
  • Hide future live videos from a viewer
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