Can I still violate another person's copyright if I didn't intend to infringe?

In most cases, you shouldn’t use someone else’s copyrighted work if you don’t have permission. It is possible to infringe copyright without intending to do so. Remember, your use of someone else’s content may still be infringing their copyright, even if you:

  • Give credit to the copyright owner
  • Include a disclaimer that you don’t intend to infringe copyright
  • Say that the use is a fair use
  • Didn’t intend to profit from it
  • Bought or downloaded the content (for example, a copy of a DVD or a song from the Internet)
  • Modified the work or added your own original material to it
  • Found the content available on the internet
  • Recorded the content onto your own recording device (for example, from a movie, concert, sporting event, etc.)
  • Saw that others have posted the same content as well
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