How to send gifts on Instagram Reels
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To send gifts on Instagram Reels, you’ll need to have a Stars balance on Instagram. You can purchase stars and update your balance each time you send a gift.
Note: Your Facebook Stars balance can’t be used to send gifts on Instagram. At this time, stars must be used on the app where they’re purchased.
Before you begin
You’ll need to set up a payment method for in-app purchases in the App Store or Google Play Store.
How to send a gift on an Instagram Reel
To purchase stars and send a gift on a reel:
  1. Go to the creator's reel.
  2. Tap Send gift.
  3. To reload your stars balance:
    1. Tap your stars balance on the right.
    2. Select how many stars you want to add, then follow the instructions to check out.
  4. Tap to choose the gift you want to give.
  5. Tap Send.
You’ll see an on-screen confirmation that your gift was sent to the creator.
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