Link Your Instagram and WhatsApp Accounts
This feature is only available in some countries for business and creator accounts on Instagram.
You can add WhatsApp to your Instagram Business account to give your customers an additional way to communicate with your business. If you connect your Instagram and WhatsApp accounts, your WhatsApp number will show up as a contact option on your Instagram business or creator profile. When a customer taps on this contact option, they’ll be able to send you a message on WhatsApp.
To link your Instagram and WhatsApp:
  1. Go to your profile and tap Edit Profile.
  2. Under Public Business Information, tap Contact Options.
  3. Select WhatsApp Business Phone Number.
  4. Select the WhatsApp number you want to connect to or add a new number. You can also create a new WhatsApp account at this step.
  5. Tap Send Confirmation Code. You’ll then be prompted to verify your WhatsApp account.
Once you’ve confirmed your WhatsApp number, WhatsApp will be added to your contact options. Your WhatsApp number should display as a contact option on your Instagram profile.
You can also remove WhatsApp from your Instagram account any time. To do this, go back to Edit Profile, tap Contact Options, tap your WhatsApp Business phone number, and then tap Remove WhatsApp.
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