About Product Launches on Instagram

At this time, Checkout on Instagram is only available to customers in the US and a select number of businesses.

For businesses using Checkout on Instagram, you can now use Commerce Manager to set up a product launch on Instagram.

For products expected to sell out quickly, an Instagram exclusive launch is recommended. This means that the product(s) you’re launching will not be sold through other online channels. Exclusives give your audience a differentiated shopping experience and reward followers who stay up to date on your latest content.

When you set up a product launch on Instagram, people can learn more through the following:

  • Stories. People can tap to set a reminder or see product details.
  • Feed. People can see tags with launch information or dates.
  • Product Details. People can preview products and set reminders.
  • Push Reminders. People who sign up will receive reminders 24 hours and 15 minutes in advance of launch.
  • Creators. Creators can tag the products featured in your product launch after receiving approval from your business.

After you've launched your product on Instagram, products will remain in your Instagram shop, or the list of products you've tagged in posts. You can reach your Instagram shop by tapping on your profile.

In countries where Checkout on Instagram isn't available, people won't be able to sign up for or receive product launch notifications. Your product(s) will be available only in countries where Checkout on Instagram is available.

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