Branded Content Ads Specifications for Creators
Creators on Instagram can allow business partners to boost branded content posts and stories. This means that when a creator partners with a business to create a branded content post or story, the creator can give their business partner permission to turn that post in to an ad. When a business creates an ad with your content, that ad will appear publicly in the Ad Library.
Note: As a creator, you can also give business partners account level permissions.
When you choose to work with a business to boost your branded content post into an ad, there are a couple of important details to note:
Business Interactions
  • Giving Advertising Permissions. Once enabled, the Allow Business Partner to Boost toggle will stay on for 28 days since your last branded content post, so you don't have to approve every post manually. This means that you won't have to turn on the toggle again while you're actively making branded content ads with any advertiser.
  • Creator vs. Business Insights. As a creator, you will have control over the organic insights of your branded content. On the post level of insights, you'll be able to see how people are reaching your content organically. However, the likes and comments you receive on your content may be affected from your content being used in an ad.
  • Increased Profile Insights. When your branded content is being used in an ad, your profile may receive increased traffic. From your profile insights, you may see an increase in visits and impressions based on the exposure of your business partner's ad.
  • Notifications. Once an advertiser has turned your branded content post into an ad, you will receive a notification in the app. You'll also receive a notification if an advertiser deletes the campaign.
Managing your Content
  • Editing or Deleting Your Post. When your branded content post is used as an ad, you will not be able to edit or delete that post. If you'd like to remove the branded content post from your profile, you can archive it.
  • Editing or Deleting Your Story. You can edit your branded content story when it is used as an ad. Whether your story is active or expired and in the archived section, you can remove your business partner to prevent your story from being boosted. Note: your story can only be deleted from the archive if it was never turned into an ad.
  • Using Incompatible Ad Creative. For your Branded Content posts to be boosted, make sure you only use static photos or videos. For your Branded Content posts to be boosted in feed, you’ll need to use single image or video posts. For Branded Content Stories to be boosted, you'll need to avoid some creative elements. You can use up to five of the following interactive elements: location sticker, hashtag sticker, tappable text and @mention sticker for the creator or the business partner's profile. Or you can use one countdown sticker. You can only use the polling sticker and the Swipe Up CTA on ads that are created without a pre-existing post. However, you should avoid using emojis, GIFs, music stickers, link stickers, more than one sticker and more complex creative tools.
  • Advertising Your Own Content. You can boost your own Instagram branded content posts, including Feed Carousel Posts, as Instagram Feed, Stories or Explore ads. At this time, you can’t boost your own branded content Stories as ads.
  • Creating Branded Content Ads. You can also choose to create a new Branded Content ad on Instagram, instead of boosting an existing post. This ad won’t show up in the photos you’ve shared on your profile.
  • Using Placement Optimization.You can use Placement Optimization to boost Facebook Branded Content posts as Branded Content ads on Instagram. You can also boost Instagram Feed Branded Content posts as Branded Content ads on Facebook.
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