I can't post to a Facebook brand Page.


Right now, it isn't possible to post Instagram photos directly to a Facebook brand Page from an Android phone.

Apple iOS

To link an Instagram account to your brand's Facebook Page:

  1. Make sure you're an admin on the Page.
  2. Go to your Profile tab > > Share Settings and then tap Facebook.
  3. Link Instagram to Facebook on your phone. When the Facebook authorization appears, make sure that the Facebook username at the bottom is an admin of the brand's Facebook Page.
    • If you've already linked Facebook on your phone but need to switch accounts, unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.
  4. Your phone will be linked to your Facebook account and by default will post to your personal Timeline. To change this, tap Share Photos to. This will show your posting options, including a list of any Pages that have you as an admin.

  5. Choose the Page that you'd like to post your Instagram to.

  6. When you go back to the Facebook options, you'll see that your brand's Page will replace Wall (Default) under Share Photos to. Later when you're sharing a post to Facebook, you can also make sure that it'll be shared to the correct Facebook Page.

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